Cape St Francis

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Cape St Francis has the most beautifully pristine beach. A symmetrical curving stretch of beach of gleaming sand in the lee of rolling dunes. The beach leads your eyes to the lighthouse, built in 1878, which warns ships of the dangerous reefs that stretch more then a kilometre out to sea. Viewed from the sky, the lighthouse stands on a promontory - thundering waves splashing white foam ribbons on the huge coastal boulders. 

Fifteen kilometres west lies Oyster Bay, a hamlet jealously nurtured by the inhabitants. It is possible to walk the rugged coast line to Oyster Bayand to arrive at the most welcoming beach where the only foot prints may be yours. 

Cape St Francis Climate

Overall, Cape St Francis offers a moderate all year round coastal climate experience - warm summers, mild winters, fair breezes and calm seas.

The average summer (October to February) temperature is 24°C. To many March to April signal idyllic weather, summers heat subsides and the wind settles. Winter’s (May to July) temperatures range from 8.3°C lows at night and a comfortable 18.5°C by day. However, with the onset of spring (from August to October), the fast-retreating winter merges with the summer sun, bringing forth some of the worlds most spectacular wild flower displays.